Building Models

At the development phase, model construction enables our client to scrutinize a product intended for mass production before investing in creation of an expensive mold.
Special importance is attributed to the process of manufacturing a high quality model, although at the end of this process only a single or few items are produced for primary testing by the client.

Manufacturing a high quality, precise model of a product prior to the start of serial production makes it possible to have in depth testing done of its functionality, the practicality of its production and distribution. This in turn allows for amendments to business plans, production and marketing strategies as well as checking in practice its performance in terms of usability, human engineering and many other aspects.

It is therefore not an exaggeration to claim that in many respects a successful production of a model will have great bearing on the products whole life span.
The professional model construction team of Tavnograph Taiwan is ready to offer you a high quality production of an exact model almost identical in every way to your planned end product. In addition, finishing services are available, painting and construction similar to the ones to be carried out on planned mass produced items.
Finally you will end up with a finished model looking just like a mass produced item of this product. On the basis of testing done to this model it will be possible to make educated decisions influencing production plans and allowing you to advance more surely and wisely.

In all stages of your product’s model production cutting edge technologies will be used, the entire process will be conducted by an experienced team, finishing quality will be of the highest standard – all this in order to allow you, the customer, a realistic, accurate impression of your product before it is released into serial production.
The entire model building process is carried out utilizing full machining capabilities, all for the most competitive prices.

We process Polycarbonate, ABS, PP, Nylon and more . . .

As a further service to our clients and in order to enable them to reach the most accurate conclusions, we offer painting of the model at Tavnograph Taiwan free of charge.

After a successful production of a high quality model, we will be glad to offer you a comprehensive service envelope, credible, accurate and efficient, which will accompany you from this point all the way to receiving cartons of end products ready for distribution. . .