Mold Production

Mold Production

Our mold production divisions, both in Israel and in the far east, specialize in production of unique molds for mass production. The careful designing and producing of a top quality mold will lead to mass production of a high quality product and also to a significant reduction in production costs.

The preparation of a production mold is an art all on its own; it must be extremely accurate, very sturdy and take into consideration the products final dimensions, its qualities and characteristics. The mold must keep these attributes for the longest possible period while the pressures of the production process are being exerted on it. The 100,000’Th item produced using a mold must be exactly the same as the very first one.

Our mold production divisions make use of the most advanced technologies available worldwide, a highly proficient, professional and experienced crew in order to design and manufacture accurate plastic molds.
Programming advanced tools for design and development impeccably carried out by experienced professionals will enable you, the client, to receive a perfect production mold for exact manufacturing of identical products. An accurate, high quality mold, meeting the necessary complexity, will turn the product’s production process into an accurate and high quality one.

Our mold production divisions are a part of our overall view of production processes. We have in depth knowledge of development and production of plastic products; we know how to make an effective, top quality mold.
This intimate knowledge of all stages of the production process enables us not only to create for you the perfect mold but also to offer advice and raise issues such as different options to be utilized in the following production process of your choice.

At our disposal are CNC milling machines, conventional lathes, injection molding grinders for smoothing surfaces, wire cutting, EDM full 4 axis and many more supporting hardware necessary for producing complex, high quality molds.

All our molds enjoy full guaranty for an unlimited number of injections, so long as injections are made according to our specifications.