Plastic Injection

Plastic Injection

Plastic injection is a process for production of plastic products where raw materials are melted and injected into the production mold. The product’s final structure is obtained once the plastic cools and hardens.

Plastic Injection technology provides an alternative to production by different machining methods. There are numerous advantages to plastic injection:

When producing plastic products through plastic injection technology it is possible to achieve mass production of hundreds, thousands, even millions of totally identical, accurate items. This causes unit production cost to be greatly reduced. In addition, mass production of large numbers of plastic products is carried out at speeds unrivaled by any other production method, while always maintaining low production cost per unit and production accuracy.

The biggest challenge in plastic injection is the need for making a massive investment in purchase and maintenance of cutting edge machinery as well as accurate documentation of every process. The more advanced the plastic injection machinery the better quality of end products is achieved and maintained throughout the mass production process.

Tavnograph LTD plastic injection division utilizes 15 top of the line, computerized 50-400 ton machines. These produce plastic geometrical products shift around clock. Our plastic injection machines produce items using the most advanced technologies. Precision is maximized and kept constant throughout the injection process.

In our plastic injection divisions meticulous quality control standards are kept for all production lines. Quality control is carried out by qualified quality controllers using advanced measuring instrumentation such as a three axis probe. Strict internal quality control ensures customer satisfaction.

Our production plant received ISO 9002 qualification in 1997.