Design and Development

We at Tavnograph know that the design and development phase lays the foundations necessary for achieving an end product of the highest quality – i.e. an excellent, durable, efficient and demand meeting product at a competitive price.

Not all our clients have an in depth familiarity with the world of plastic products as we posses. This is why we provide our clients with a battery of experts, a highly capable development team headed by a veteran engineer with a proven track record. It is their job to characterize, along with the client, the final specifications of the required product, to decipher its drawings, or produce such drawings and to escort our client from the stage of rough sketching through prototype development and finally mass production of plastic products.
All this while uncompromisingly adhering to our work ethic code – a top quality and efficient product through a process of excellent service and meeting of time tables.

Such service is available for private customers in just the same way as for large corporations.

Our design team will work in close cooperation with the client, always understanding the needs and objectives of the production process. A prototype will be developed through the use of machinery possessing the latest technologies. Then the products mass production will be channeled towards the most profitable option available to our client, whether domestically or abroad.

Among the issues our development team will address – what type of plastic is best suited for the planned product and its intended functionality? What is the production method which best meets the criteria specified? How should we produce the product in order to ensure its durability and easy maintenance throughout its life cycle? How should we design the product in order to make it easy to use, posses top ranking user friendliness, ergonomics, economical engineering and more …

We will be able to refer, assist and plan with you the matching of raw materials to end product, efficient product planning, price calculation for small as well as large production quantities, sufficient length of life cycle, efficient planning of production, interior parts, fittings etc.

The production of a product’s first model will enable our client to scrutinize their product before beginning mass production.
At Tavnograph we produce prototypes of the highest quality and precision, using mechanical processing from raw materials chosen by the client. All in order to enable detailed examining of the product to be developed later into a serially produced item.

We carry out product design through the use of Solidworks and Cimatron software.